Just Feel And Live

I have learned that love is different from loving
I have learned that many people love,
but don‘t know how to love or understand what love is
And a lot of them love, but they expect the „same“ love in return
There is no same love, in each heart, different meaning of love
Love is a pure feeling of satisfaction and contentment 
Where you got to love yourself first in order to love someone else
And you don’t have to be with someone to love
It is vulnerable, suffer, laughs and cries, suns and storms
It is when you feel the pain of that person you love 
Love is to live, is the heat, is the cold, is the warmness,
It is the joy and sadness, emotions and longings, all together 
Love is action and reaction, is being stopped moving, dreaming
It is to look in the eyes and see the soul, and touch the heart
It is to know that you know nothing, and seconds can be eternal
Love and loving are two lovers, each one love in their own way 
They fight, cry , hug, split up and kiss ...dream and love again 
But one can not live without each other, like the breathe you need
Because it would mean the end of the love, death. Loneliness 
It is an eternal meeting where the only certainty is uncertainty 
of what lies ahead, the surprises of life, the unknown future 
It is something that you can’t really define, 
but just feel and live, and it is worth it.
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3 Responses Oct 21, 2011

Expecting nothing in return, but desiring with all that is within me that she knows that she is loved.

You are such a beautiful writer. This really shows all the sides there are to love and how deep true love really goes. :-)

I was thinking about writing a story to my own definition, guess you beat me to it.