My Definition Of Love

For me, love isn't about buying someone flowers or any of those superficial attributes. One solid way to show you love someone is to do something for them that is difficult for you. Like, say, you have trouble being on time or remembering things and that bothers your partner, so you make a special effort to be on time for them or remember things they've asked you to do. You can be sure they'll appreciate it. Sure, you can show you love them by doing what comes easy, too, but what they'll really remember is the times you went the extra mile and challenged their preconceptions about what you're capable of doing. That's love for me.
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3 Responses Mar 9, 2012

In short love is sacrifice..

well love for me issomeone loving me unconditionally but also my partner loving me physically and mentally but the only thing that i must love with all my heart and soul i Jesus and God

The little things add up faster than the large things, that's as you describe here. Love is thee most unbiased and uninhibited friendship you can possibly have with someone, a life of pure truth, value, and virtue. You must be a great friend to your spouse before you become as such. <br />
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Breaking out of your comfort zone to do those little things is a part in your set of values, it's a good thing.