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How To Define Love ?

What is love ? Why so much complexity arises when trying to define it ? I know the poetic people have already define it but i dont think that is not enough.Lets describe it in my ways,

I am bothered with this question for a long time. One evening while walking on the street i was confronted with a couple who lost their belongings, They were upset . Instead of shouting and calling the crowd they were just holding their hands. I could feel that they have lost something valuable which is gonna cost them a lot but just that they dont lose confidence and breakdown mentally, they were holding each others hand.I was really amazed by their love story.Because no people will ever consider of showing their eternal love in a situation like this. This scenario gave me some pressure to think about how do they describe it.
Well i could remember a wife who used to love her husband more than anything in the world.Whenever her husband leave for work , she used to feel upset and annoyed. She used to feel lonely and depressed as if she has nobody in this world and when her husband used to return from work, instead of grabbing him and giving a kiss , she used to quarrel like " huh, you dont care for me, Why are you so late?. It seems like you dont love me anymore " . The husband could feel that his wife is so desperate for him and wants to show her love in different ways. The husband used to pretend as if he is sorry for that but inside he is enjoying the love that his wife is showing to her.The quarrel used to go on until her husband hugged her tightly and kiss her in chicks and say " You are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen ".The wife would blush inside but still she keeps going wanting for more love from her husband.
I feel shy when i think about this romantic story. Maybe someday it will happen to me. Wow. I am really blushing but this story gives me more stress in describing love. I mean what type of love is this? Anger Love. I dont know.

But is love only limited to husband and wife. No not at all. Lets have a look at different kind of love. I discovered this when i went to a forest few years ago. There was a man who had nothing in his life. No one would even care for him. But still he he used to smile always. One day i followed him while he was going for a walk in the evening. I saw him going to the deep jungle with his guitar and went to a place where there was a beautiful fountain. He sat down nearby and staring at the beautiful trees of the jungle, listening to the murmuring of the leaves, looking high up in the sky to see if there is any rainbow. At one moment he closed his eyes and started to play his guitar, played a song which was written none other than him. The song was really amazing. I still cant forget those beautiful melody. Later that night , I asked him " where did u go in the deep forest ". He said , " I went to meet a beautiful lady who is immortal, though mute but can express her love to me in many ways ". I knew what he was talking about, but i never told him that i was there too.Now what type of love was that. A love for nature,

There are some painful love like a in a family which have too much financial crisis, a mom usually sacrifices her own food for their children.In a jeopardizing winter, a person saw a man shivering, he opened his shirt and gave him.
There are so many types of love and so many ways people describe it.

I think there is no easy way to define love, Its hard. You can only feel it.

But before ending i want to tell you that the best way to express love to your wife is to kiss her after you say your prayer. I dont mind which religion you are. Just do it cause it will not only make your wife happy but also God and therefore you will be blessed with more love,

knightangels knightangels 18-21, M 1 Response May 1, 2012

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Your story touched my heart.. it's really beautiful :)<br />
Love can't be defined because it's a very complicated feelings.. <br />
You can't control it.. You can't describe it.. sometimes you can't even show it.. But you can feel it! You can feel it inside you.. Making the loneliness of your heart disappear and fill it with warm pleasurable feeling :)