Love, The Word I Can't Define

How should we define love?
We all know that.. it is something that we all have.
But do we all feel exactly the same?
Or this is just another riddle or a game?

Is there really an unconditional love?
If yes, so, why do we have to call a cop?
Saying, 'Love is blind' is such a lame.
Because it doesn't have an eyes for us to blame.

Famous line says, love is like a 'dove'.
But I say, no, it's like a glove.
It keeps you warm on a winter time
But when the spring comes you will trade it for a precious wine.

I don't understand myself as much as I don't understand love.
And maybe that's how I should define love.
It can be mutual but can never be the same.
It can make you happy but it can also leave you with a shame.
CMA1234 CMA1234
46-50, F
May 5, 2012