What Is Love?

Not sure. But always remember a friend telling me that she was in love and he made her want to be a better person.

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Well said love is everywhere we just need to see it, be aware.

I have heard that often. Lust is thinking the other person is perfect, love is seeing the other person's faults but not being able to live without them anyway

When i'm in love. I give them all of me.You know that your in love when even when they **** u off there sill is no other person u want. Corny and true

wow. This is so true. I wish I better wife to my husband. I'm still bit childish but I married to soon or just need to control my childish behavior.

i had someone love me once... she loved smoothies and would buy me one when she got one for herself..<br />
she would always have hers drunk first and meet me to give me mine. then we would talk and she would ask if i liked the smoothie or what i thought of the flavour if she got me a new one that day... one day i realised she only ever bought one smoothie which she gave to me cause she was on a tight budget and could not afford the extravangance of a smoothie for herself so she only got me one and i never noticed i always had thought she had just drank hers fast...i was stupid..<br />
and she loved me enough to spend what little money she had. she loved me enough to give me something to make me smile and she got joy from it. i was dumb and i let her get away.<br />
but when ithinkof smoothies i think of the love that puts yourself second place to someone else and the sacrifices you make however little to see someone else smile.