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I Believe That There Are Many Kinds Of Love.

Love is not a tangible thing that you can see, so when you think of what love looks like, it can vary from person to person. What I think it looks like may be different to you, as well as what I think love is. I do not even know if I can put into words what i think the definition of love is. Sure, there are the "text book" definitions, some of which I do not agree with. For example, states that one of the definitions of love is a "sexual passion or desire". Ok I can see how they may have come to that, but really, if that is all there is, wouldn't that be considered lust? That is a hell of a lot easier to determine if that is the case. Yes, lust and attraction pay a part in the initial phases of love but if that is all there is, I do not believe it can be classified as love, nor will it last.

I believe that there are many kinds of love. There is the most basic form such as the love for family (may not always like them, but more often than not you love them - it's ok you don't have to admit it all the time). This is what you grew up knowing love to be. It is the basis for all other relationships and your ideas and perceptions of love. Like for me, growing up I knew I loved my family, well, most of them. I did not, however know what romantic love was supposed to be. I had no real role model for that. Parents were divorced and I really did not have too many others around to show me. This is one of the main reasons I see things the way I do today. I had to do all of my learning about it as I grew and made mistakes - some small, some huge. I can say at this point in my life, at the age of 34, I am only now really truly understanding what I believe love to be and that it is not always as "fairy tale" as we would like it to be. And all of those times I "knew" I was in love may have been just me being infatuated and trying to make things last longer than necessary, or, and this is especially true for my younger years, I thought love was what happened when someone payed attention to you and liked you.

I have defined love in the past as a soft place to land, a mutual affection and devotion between two people, or the desire to be with someone no matter the difficulty, that no matter what you will not be kept apart. A lot of times, love is one sided, which really hurts when you are the one side. I have been that one side before and vow to never do it again. I am one, though, who wears her heart on her sleeve which is a double edged sword at times. While it can have the advantage of letting others know how I feel, it can also assist them in using those feelings to take advantage of me or the situation. Sorry, bit of a tangent....

I guess what I am getting at is this: I do not know for sure what love actually is. I do know what I would like to believe it is. I also would like to think that maybe someday I will be lucky enough to find someone with the same ideas about love as I do and maybe make things work. I would like nothing more than to be the old couple walking hand in hand making young couples want to be us.
phoenix924 phoenix924 36-40 Oct 22, 2012

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