I Do Not

 I dont define love.. because it's too precious and powerful feeling to be defined...

we can't say love is this or that...  we can't write an equation.  There are too many exponents and variables.... 

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Yep sure, after all I got a perfect score on the sat 2, and add me to your circle, I cant do that since you are under 18...wanted to thank you, but could not do that too :(<br />
<br />
Cya! :)

hehehe.. :) so when I need help in Maths i know to whom I can talk, lol :D

Equations, exponents, variables..they are some pretty sophisticated terms, enough to give anyone a headache, but they go well with me, was just solving an equation today..lol

yes LHDS, it's powerful emotion,<br />
Floydian.... no..lol.. but yes i love science :D

Ah, ha, you are/were a science student right? Especially maths....lol<br />
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But what you say is true...

heheeh... aj ja ta lubim

aaach, mubim ta:D hehe

this is very nice lovingher.... and you are right. But this is only 1 "type" of love.. there are so many others.. mom love.. friend love... that's why I said we cant define love

thanks :)<br />
I think that "i love you" is a strong sentence but still, it's not what i really feel to him... only touch and look into his eyes full of love could explain what i really feel.

You are exactly right. There is not a single, or set of words that can describe the feeling of love.