not slipping into hate when it all gets too much.



remaining friends throughout anything else




4am phonecalls; knowing when to make them, when to answer them, and when not to.




hospital trips, doctors appointments, tidying a room after yet another meltdown, each time with a smile, and that 'you're so ******* stupid but i love you' look.



knowing that no matter what is said, even if what is said is 'i hate you, i never loved you', you do love each other.




to me, true love is not what i have found in any partner, that is tainted by a million other things. true love is what i find in my best friends. the ones who are always just at the other end of the phone. who turn up at stupid oclock. who dont make me do anything, except see them. who love me, regardless of how little i deserve their love.

Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 6, 2009

beautifully written my friend... I will be joining this group next.