Love Is Being Love

When you are filled with love for someone, simply being there is enough. 

It is not that their pleasure is yours, or that your pleasure is theirs.  Love is more than pleasure.

It is not that they complete you, or that you complete them, you are both complete.  Love is more than completion.

It is not that you love to recieve love, or that you accept love to give love.  Love has no beginning.

It is not hoarding the love of others, or loosing the love you give away.  Love has no end.

It is in the way a touch can make time stand still.  Love is in the moment.

It is in the way a person can make you want to renew yourself.  Love is in a lifetime.

It is in the way a feeling can melt all the ravages of time.  Love is an eternity.

It is in each and every person you will love or hate, each and every creature you will pet or kill, and each and every moment you will praise or curse.  Love is boundless.

Love is as open to you as you are to it, as powerful as you allow it to make you.  It is a flame that can be kindled in every person.  Love is Divine.

When you are filled with love for someone, you are something more, simply being it is enough. 





Honir Honir
26-30, M
2 Responses Jan 7, 2009

Because it isn't owned by anyone. It's a way of being human that exists whether or not we choose to take part in it. <br />
<br />
If you master finding love within yourself, finding it in others will not be elusive, because it will always be with you.

Very nicely said