Chiropractic Casualty

I studied at a public university and received a 4 year degree with honors. Early during my time there, I was convinced that I was going to pursue medical school and eventually be an M.D. However, after several summer internships in hospitals and various specialty offices I realized that Medicine wasn't for me. It was less about helping the patient, and more about meeting the bottom line...not necessarily the fault of the Doctor, but more so managed care as a whole. When I realized that I was pursuing a career that no longer felt right, I decided to pursue other health careers...which led me to Chiropractic. I did well in school, recruited many patients and had a great rapport with them during my time in clinic. I even graduated with honors. The problem with this career as a whole is that patients do not consider this type of health care as "essential", so not many utilize it. There are no jobs that will pay more than $30,000/year (no benefits), when schooling costs $200,000+...perhaps we're all fools for pursuing this career, but it is an awful profession to try to make a living in, unless you have a parent in the profession who is willing to share their practice. I've since switched careers, and make more than anyone I went to school with- have saved money, paid my loans on time every month, and actually feel appreciated by my employer. I am sad to have chosen such an expensive career, but I'm so glad I got out!

If you are considering Chiropractic...please reconsider. You will not succeed, and it is a very expensive mistake.
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

I'm curious. What career did you switch to?