In Science :(

There I was, choosing my A levels. After much chopping and changing in the first year, I ended up doing English language, Biology and, very reluctantly, chemistry. Why chemistry? Because I'd decided I wanted to be a scientist and needed it to do that. But I also wanted to be a journalist,  and sometimes a graphic designer. Hmmm too late to change again. My fate was sealed and off I went to turn myself into a scientist. A BSc, PhD and 15 years later here I am. Don't get me wrong. For years I didn't mind being a scientist. I've been a researcher in academia. I've worked in labs in the public sector. I've just started another science job in the public sector which is highly saught after. Hundreds would kill for my job, so why is my heart screaming NOOOOOOOOOO! The warning signs were there in my last job too. The tide was turning. I was looking at my CV and wistfully gazing at my lowly English A level. I was reading newspapers and seeing my name at the bottom as the reporter. I was, to my complete shock and surprise, losing all interest in being a scientist! After much soul searching I have realised that I am just not happy anymore. I plan to quit my job and get into  writing somehow. Probably science writing at first. It's never too late to choose the other fork in the road.

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1 Response Feb 14, 2010

good luck to you! its never too late to change direction though it may be scary, your in control of your own future and most would envy you for that. i do.