The group character is how I feel in the morning. I have never done mornings ever, even when I had too. I remember sleeping in the train on the way to work for 7am starts. Trying to put on a face at 5:30am oh dear.....feeling like a zombie. I still don't do mornings all these years later!!!

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Yap, that's why I said...if I get enough sleep!lol....lately, it's not the they're not as enjoyable....but the girls do make me laugh every morning, it sure helps! : )

If I get enough sleep, I love waking up early and have coffee while it's really quiet....even better in summer time, I sit outside and just listen to nature's sounds....that is before everyone else awakes...then it's this morning, it will be a tough one!lol ; )