It Is Simply Bad Manners To Mass Gesture

I delete mass gestures and when I find someone who constantly sends 3 or 4 mass gestures at a time.... I delete them !

c8lorraine c8lorraine
4 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Right on sister! I have complained about this feature from day one. EP said they would wait for more feedback before doing anything about it. I absolutely hate mass gestures. When I gesture someone there is real feeling behind it. I, too, delete them. And, like you, if I get bombarded the preson gets deleted, too. Thanks for bringing this topic up. It needs to be said!

I prefer to individually gesture as well. hmmmm...

I used to just delete the gestures ( and mutter something unflattering about the person)<br />
<br />
BUT, this morning I needed to delete 7 gestures from the same person !<br />
<br />
So simply deleted THEM instead

I had over ten gestures sent to their circle. I did the same thing and deleted the person and their mass gestures. It is annoying and seems a little childish as well to do such things. I don't think gestures were made for that purpose. hmmmm...

I don't delete them but I don't usually respond either! LOL<br />
<br />
But yeah, if I see someone more or less spamming me with them, I delete the gestures.

I agree with you my friend. I hate mass gestures - I never send them. Takes the "personal touch" right out! Here's a huge hug, a smile and a good evening just for you. xxoo Child