Posting Guilt?

Interesting stories. gelroller got me thinkin, maybe I should have a folder where I type all my thoughts before posting and go back to them later and see if they would still have the same meaning to me as it did when I typed it all "excited-like" and make a fool of myself haha. This one is probably a prime example and I'll probably delete it too.

Now I just delete everything I blog in under 12 hours back to clean slate. A few years worth of thousands of posts about sports, entertainment, politics, family, science. All gone forever. ;( I feel like "Why am I subjecting my readers to this, they don't care about what I have to say about the White Sox." Bam, deleted. Problem is, I have like a "Posting Guilt" because I've been in trouble so much with the law in my younger years that now I think I'm responsible for tsunami's thousands of miles away. I don't know if I'll ever rid myself of the shame and guilt of a blurry 20 years of booze and partying. I just want money again.

What a waste of life I was and hope things turn around. Just want my kid to have a nice life but I'm always so worried about her. It's borderline dread. Like right now, I'm thinking, "They don't need to hear this, you're wasting their time." This must be the effects of my current financial stress, it's just heightening all my paranoia and guilt feelings, sense of humor is like gone too. Need Matt Foley over here to jump start me on Monday. RIP Chris Farley.

PK14 PK14
31-35, M
Jan 5, 2013