Well...that Don't Interact The Way I Would Like. Let Me Explain:

I'm a pretty open person. I love meeting new people. I think life is about experiencing new things as much as you can. I add every request because I don't prejudge you as to rather or not I like you or not. But, if you on some dumb sh*t...I mean if you just trying to hack my profile, or stalk me, or talk me into meeting you somewhere you will get DELETED. If you don't say much that's ok. I'm not the most interactive person myself. But when I do I am respectful, I am honest, and I am always open to constructive criticism and/or encouraging words. Basically just be yourself. If you not on here for ill intentions or at least I don't know about it...Don't worry I won't delete.
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36-40, F
May 25, 2012