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I do delete people in my circle who don't interact with me. I try to talk with everyone. At least gesture if there isn't much time or not a lot to talk about. I think I add people for different reasons. Sometimes it's for their written posts, sometimes it's because we had a good talk together, and sometimes it's spur of the moment add to be honest.
So although I want all my adds to be good friends, I know sometimes you just don't click or have things in common. Some people maybe don't feel they have to interact and don't want to and that's fine. But I want interaction with my friends. So if we don't really talk or comment on posts with each other, I remove from circle. No offense to the person at all. 
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I have started deleting people from my circle that never friend me and have not posted anything in over 6 months. I noticed you have a circle of friends over 50. If all of them interacted with you every day, it would take more than any hour on the net. I really don't have that much time to spend on the net each day on non-business issues.

Obviously there's been a failure in your selection process. I'm still in your circle! ;)

LOL...I love you! You know that. ; )

Not offended at all! I do the same thing.... just purged a bunch over the weekend, only to see more requests lastnight! LOL I can't seem to get my Circle number down, but I do do this!

Well I don't just add anybody either...I try to take care in who I avoid that but now it seems I add easier and give people a chance. If it works out cool, if it doesn't no problem, I let them go.

Yeah, at least so far these people interact. I had this one chick from England who added me a month or two ago. When she first added me, she was talkative as hell, but for some reason, she went quiet and started ignoring my messages to her. I gave her several chances, but in the end, you wonder why you should keep being friends with someone like this, or why they friended you in the first place....

Yea, right...maybe they really liked something you said at the moment and thought cool I will add and then decided they didn't have a lot in common...who knows?

Or maybe they realized THEY JUST DON'T DESERVE ME!?!? LMAO

Wow! if only the US govt could make those drastic cuts! If only I could! lol

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