so i turned this into a goal because i struggle to do it out of fear it might be....i don't know. so instead, the other day i tried talking to everyone in my circle to get to know them better. most didnt respond. i don't get it. why did they add me??? i think it's called the facebook syndrome...and it's silly. don't we get enough of trying to conform to 'popular' in the real world? i don't wanna bring that to my virtual, made up, perfect pseudo world.....bf.
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Yeah thanks for your comment. that notch on the circle belt mentality is really difficult for me to understand. i really see no link between the quantity of friends and improved self worth. certainly not in a pseudo world where it doesnt take very much to bump into people. i appreciate the fans i get (i'm gritting my teeth but yes even the sex obsessed ones lol) and try to initiate conversation where i think it might work. but i don't add anyone until i feel we have substance between us...sadly thats been very rarely. anyway goodnight :)

I feel the same way and struggled with deleting people from my circle. You know what? They either didn't care or didn't know? I still can't figure out why people want to be your friend then have nothing to say to you? I also believe it is a status thing how many people in your circle..... I got tired of having friends that didn't speak to me, so even though it isn't easy to delete someone unless it has changed, I have. If they missed me they never said, I would think more they didn't care I was just another notch on the circle belt.

lol. if you get that many "friends" i'll pack your bags for you. seeing people with that many friends makes me hesitant to add them also. i don't know if that's right or not but that's how i feel.

i totally agree...life is not a popularity contest.......i also realized that it sometimes turns me off talking to someone whose profile i might be interested in, when i see they have like 1924 friends. i think to myself, this person probably has enough going on...lol. and yet, maybe they don't. if i ever have close to 2000 friends on here...please kindly tell me to leave lol. bf.

i feel the same way. why do people want to be friends, then never or seldom communicate with you? it makes no sense to me and that's why recently i dumped quite a few from my circle. after i did it, one that i hadn't spoken to in at least a year sent me a message, wondering how i've been. like they really cared, yeah right. i think a lot of people add others just to have a fat circle, show how popular they are. that's one thing that doesn't interest me, being popular. i'd rather have real connections with a few goods friends and not have thousands of acquaintances.