Hypocritical Piece Of S..H..*T

You coming on here telling people you are not here to make them believe what others accuse you of doing...


Wtf is wrong with you?

You seek to shove your beliefs and delusions of self down the throats of others and throw a tantrum when they do not want to believe you.... saying but you never meant being such a pushy SOB.

wtf dude?

Obviously you want people to believe all you say as truth...and everyone who goes against you is some freakin liar, troll, hater or even bully!!!????

*jackie chan's wtf face*

This story has no line really....other than people lying to themselves about their own intentions

And then blaming other people when they get caught out looking so stupid feeding BS to others...either confess you are a compulsive liar son of a bittttch (SOB) or just confess you are just a silly attention slutttt telling lies for a bit of love.
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Jun 9, 2013