A Source Of Pain

I only knew two people on there personally. My ex and ex best-friend. We all used to hang out together in our college days. I don't know why my ex wouldn't talk to me. I didn't want him back. And my girl friend. That really hurts. I met her in sixth grade, and we shared so much through the years until I was 23 and left home with my boyfriend to go to Connecticut on that road trip. We did talk bu things really came to a head when she invited me when I was living in Hawaii to stay at their cabin home in the mountains. I was dying to go back to California. I stayed there for six months, and succeeded in not finding a place of my own, got gyped by someone on Craigslist from North Hollywood. I gave the guy a deposit in cash and didn't write out a receipt. Good going Lauren! He called me and said his grandma was sick in Australia and he had to go see her. Of all the stories! My friend got mad at me because the realtors complained that the house didn't look nice when prospective buyers would visit. I had to leave NOTHING out in the bathroom or bedroom. It was a little thing to do to live in such a nice place, but they caught me off guard. My friend's husband was incensed(the big Hollywood screenwriter...rude and snobby!). It came down to a day where my friend left a message on the answering machine that I had to be out that afternoon. I gathered my things up and had alot of trouble getting my cat, Holocaust, into the carrier. I looked through the door and sobbed to her I'm sorry!!! I had to fool her by pretending to open a can of food and had to push her her hard to get her in the carrier. I knew a no-kill shelter in twenty-nine palms but it was a Sunday afternoon. I had to leave her there outside til they opened the next day. My place was at a motel in Hemet. I curled in a ball guilty as hell telling myself she'd be all right. I stayed there two weeks the money ran out. I had to go to the ER with self-imposed cuts on my arms from a razor blade I had bought. My thought was "look at me! I'm crazy! My life is screwed up! Put me in inpatient somewhere please!" I ended up in a locked ward..released the next day..back in the ER...then they finally found room for me at the shelter.

Did I get off topic?  

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6 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Leaving your cat must have been very difficult.

Getting on facebook.

The more I hear stories such as yours, the more I'm glad not to have followed the numerous attempts to drag me in to it.

Haha :) Thats what a friends for KC! I'm glad you're still on my circle even though I'm not as active as before.

Good decission KC!<br />
Nowaday Facebook already become a data mining source.<br />
By the way I heard that you lookin for a job, why you don't try Linkedin? There ya gonna meet many profesional in their industry, secure and reliable.. :)

Hugs! Good for you for just getting out. Personally, I would hate Facebook now if I was bothered to take that stupid invention too seriously. Holocaust is a supprising name for a cat though... very querky!