Facebook Is Another Word For Failure

When i first had my facebook i was pretty excited actually all the way through and was sad i had to delete it. The thing was, i wanted to do well in life and i had exams coming up, and then there were hours and hours on end being wasted on Facebook...strangely isaw my grades declining. Although i wear hijab all the timw, i began taking pictures without it and putting them up on facebook. I woild waste hours om a social networking site; supposedly 'socialisig' over the net. Id rather socialise in public. Atleast that way i wouldnt have random perverts adding me. Then, i put my hijab back on...that changec things a lot when i got rid of my pictures. I thought things would get better and they did but people i didnt koq still kept adding me and i still kpt wastig my time. I would post comments and update my status and everything...feeling so obliged to reply to everything people said. Then i realised just now many hours of the day i sat staring at a blank space that only showed me that i was so unoccupied i was wasting my life on facebook. It sounds so exaggerated and for the most part it probably is. But from where i come from girls ardoing this more and more that they have forgotten reality are meeting boys ip in real life that they met through facebook, people they didnt know existed otherwise. They really are. And its so extreme, that i see they sunconciously give up exam revision hours to go on facebook...and later theu wonder why they have failed. I know it sounds so old fashioned and i sound ancient but id rather be wise and sensible than a time wasting sado with nothing better to do. Sure, have a facebook or whatever, but try not to make it your life...its happened. To me, its as if the more we go through time the more recent and new 'trends' will come out. Anything erratic or silly will lead to something sillier and sillier like facebook..who knows what comes after facebook? Who knows what the minimum dress length might be in next seasons fashion? Who knows? Then again theres those making a success like finding cures for diseases and the exploration of space. To me...it seems things will either get better..or more and more ridiculous.
DownsideUp DownsideUp
Jul 23, 2010