Why Should We Concern Ourselves ?

I don't find Facebook educational especially for minor ages and for a few strong reasons.You see,Facebook has become an addiction and so bad getting your attention from more important duty rather to mind others people businesses.You see,time flies in the speed of light as you surfing the Facebook and so quickly it is difficult to discern.After you can finally realize how much useful work you'd finish instead of checking others or spending time on useless chats,now does that seem educational ? Except it wastes your time and concerns you without any need it lowers your mood and lessen the desire to work and concentrate.I'm wondering when people will get tired of stupidity ? When they will get enough.Most of people are resolved by their "life-limits-tether" too hard,too bad the minority can not tie them back.

gottalotta gottalotta
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 21, 2011

I only go on facebook for horoscops, yet I end up being taken in by games... :(

I feel the same way 4VR. I have never been a FB fan.

EP can be addicting too. I'm in this group called 'I have EPA & I need help' ;~) I'm getting better @ managing my EP addiction. I do think EP is educational. You learn to understand all kinds of views from people all over the world. I have several friends who live in other countries. I learn how it is different and the same as my experience. <br />
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I don't Facebook and never have. I don't like that they use that 'open graph' system where they track all of your internet usage, not just on their site. I don't want everything about me stored in one central location. Then its sold to whomever for whatever price. If someone wants to learn everything about me I'm going to make them work for it rather than handing to them on a silver platter.