Deleted My Friends

I didn't delete my Facebook or Myspace accounts, I just deleted most of my friends and kept pages/profiles of authors, artists, illustrators, singers, bands, groups, games and other pages/profiles like those that I'm part of. I did this because of some stuff I recently read about Facebook that bothered me, I realized I don't really need them anymore and I talk more here on EP (w/ 20 stories including this one, 11 comments, gestures & private messages to friends in my circle), (forum for pagans) and (forum for hentai lovers) than I do on Facebook & Myspace combined and I post my poems and stories on EP and so there was really no need for me to have them other than to keep up with my fav artists and stuff, besides most of my friends on FB were reletives that I don't really like or talk to anyway and friends from high school that I do want to keep in contact with.

Also on FB your account doesn't get deleted it gets deactivated but it's still there all you have to do is type in your email address and your old password and everything will come back up and look the way it did before you deleted it I know because that's what happened to me at first I did delete my account but not wanting to give up the groups I was part of I signed back in and reactivated it and everything came back up the same. So your FB account isn't actually deleted and I don't like that so I decided to do this with FB and Myspace instead of worrying about what was going on with my FB profile in it's deactivated state and regreting deleting my Myspace. So I just copied down the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of the people I wanted to keep and then I deleted them all and kept artists, etc. that I like. I am so much happier now because I don't have to worry about replying to anyone or being all that active on those sites now lol.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         UPDATE: I put my Facebook friends back on most of them are family members unfortunately but I mostly put them back on to keep up with what's going on with my family and the little friends I have on there.
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Mine is deactivated, I phone and text if I need to but I really don't need to know what fav food dishes people are cooking and pics to go along with their amazing cooking skills lol. Happy for them - yes but I'm more practical and info gathering