A Simple Person

I am a simple person and prefer to keep my life uncluttered. My profile here became too cluttered so I removed all my stories and experiences with the exception of the most important and started all over. My goal in doing this is to keep it simple and not have far more experiences than stories here. That was where I made my mistake before.
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It has been my pleasure kind sir. Thank you for the conversation and the thought provoking comments. Have a refreshing night.

I command you for being thoughtful of those who follow you.<br />
EP has the option to delete an account but leave the stories behind, even so they look like an empty shell after the person has left... what's an experience without a soul to remember it?<br />
As emotional as I am, I also feel like mourning when a friend of mine resorts to that measure. Emails left in my mailbox are like fossils, they teach me a story but in the end they are dead.<br />
Glad to make your acquaintance, Sensual Intelligence & final good night.

I toyed with the idea of deleting the profile and starting over but then I have friends that have been friends for a few years and I did not want to just leave them behind. Instead I just deleted all my stories and started over from there. I kept my profile and user name so that those closest to me wouldn't be confused but that is all that I kept.

I understand the desire to unclutter a profile. There's no way to display what is most important to you in terms of experience - correction, you can sort out the top experiences that will show on your profiles and I chose to do so because I did not want all of mine to be sexual.<br />
As far as experience stories go, it is chronological and you can't just present yourself chronologically, even résumés have more options than that.<br />
I don't think I would ever delete anything. It is part of me and part of the complexity I present myself as.

This cluttered dude says ... oh well. I occasionally make a new profile, write stories and end up deleting it. My delusional self hates losing the ****-eyed record of a man struggling with sanity!

And it is also pleasurable to the eye.