Pee Soaked Pillow Lullaby

So I had a hot young guy come over to suck my big **** and gulp down my pee. When we chatted on the phone I mentioned I like to pee in lover's beds and especially to pee in their pillow. So he brought a pillow over for me to pee in. I told his that there's nothing better than having your head on pillow that's been flooded with pee and then dried. So the evening was nice and we cuddled, talked, and then he's on his knees with my **** in his mouth while I let go and pee and hear him gulp it all down. Over 4 days I pee soaked his pillow and then gave it to him in a plastic bag. He said he can't wait to get in bed because his pillow smells so hot.
Vyjena Vyjena
46-50, T
1 Response Nov 29, 2012