"ever Vandalized In A Hospital? "


"We should do it" she says. It felt like the greatest idea in the world, one that fit the scenario perfectly. As she gathered the markers that were on the table, a lady strolled in with a tray on wheels. She immediately went under the table where the other girl was sitting. They were both against the wall, right behind and just beneath; the lady couldn't possibly see them. 

I want this to be a hospital, she thought. I want this lady to be accompanied by her son and i want her son to help us not get caught. I want this lady to be a janitor figure, here to supply the table with what it needs.

The son immediately appears from behind the lady and begins to walk towards the side of the table. He gives an expression that agrees with what the girl had wanted and thought. The lady begins to do do just as the girl had thought out. 


This time she thought; I want to spice this up, how about she sees us and starts to vent. How about she morphs into a younger lady, one that will most definitely be inclined to vent as most young people do. And how about she gets what I am thinking.

The same girl that had suggested vandalizing in the hospital now said this: "We all know the script, and we all know what's going to happen and what is supposed to happen; All we have to do is play along.  We can make up what we say/do in the meantime though. " The lady had now walked over to the other side of the room, far away from the table, yet the table was no longer covering the two girls. The girl looked at the tray lady and said "come back and do that over! You're not supposed to see us, it's not part of the script!"

The girl laughed, in thought, in time and in being. 

Then a flash, an infinite flash, consumed everything. The girl became a flash, the dream became a flash, the awareness was but a flash.

In this flash time had ceased to exist, nothing existed but this endless flash. And the flash said "let's return to planet earth, let's return to consciousness earth" and the girl woke up.

The truth is I am an infinite flash, an infinite being; I've created this physical. The story line is to experience this physical and to journey home, everything else I can make up as I go along. This truth means that both "physically awake" and  "physically dreaming" I can experience whatever I want.

It is true that I feel this and it is true that I dreamed this. I dreamed this today, actually.



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From the Raven's Wall:<br />
Words approximate meaning.<br />
We use words to describe reality.<br />
Reality is never approximate.<br />
Truth cannot be approximated<br />
It can be discovered<br />
but not expressed<br />
exactly<br />
precisely<br />
<br />
It can be delightful however,<br />
I delight in you<br />
with a smile or two!