SPECIAL Delivery!!!!!!!!

I delivered my daughters firstborn in the dark by flashlight and carelights..in the highdesert country.  She had been at the local small town hospital but,, understand the description explains, the local yokels decided that it was best for her not to stay at their hospital since she had no proof of insurance (even tho her husband was in the military).

This happened almost 16 years ago. My daughter was 18 & her husband was in bootcamp on the east coast. We live on the west coast. She was staying with some of his family & they must have not wanted her there; an understatement for sure: they bodily threw her out of the house, dragging her by her hair, dropped her in the street. Lying there, seven & 1/2 months pregnant, without any shoes, desheviled, confused and scared; without a cent or any i.d. she decied to walk to the police station.

The police (also another nowheresville, usa) knew the family well and felt only that it was their duty to get my daughter out of dodge. They took her to a battered womens shelter where she stayed for four days before calling me. My husband and I went to get her the next day. They had to arrange for us to come in a way that would protect the location of the shelter from becoming known to the wrong persons.

We brought her back to our little town where she stayed, enjoying family, aquiring a puppy, playing clown (& dressing the part) for little children at the fairgrounds during fairtime, and growing larger and larger in the tummy was her baby boy!  Then the day arrived.  I rushed her to the hospital almost 35 miles away.

They examined her and decided she needed to go to a larger town since they couldnt provide services for someone who had no proof that she had insurance. The next town being over 150 miles away from our home and having prior experience of quick labor  in another daughter, I was very relunctant to agree. They assured me there was plent of time for me to drive home, get all the necessary baby accessories (car seat,etc) & get her safely to the larger town,

In the meantime my daughter was to stay in town with the other daughter. While I was at home gathering everything, my older daughter called to say that the younger one was still in quite a bit of pain (as she was at the hospital) and still screaming (as she was at the hospital) and moaning, you get the idea.

The older daughter was very upset because the neighbors were getting mad at her for not taking my younger one back to the hospital. I told her to drive her sister back and I our would be there asap. She did

Once the nurse checked the pregnant mom out again, she demanded the the older girl take her sister away from the hospital right now! My older daughter called me at home and very excitedly told me that they were going to kick them both out of there shortly. I instructed her to tell the very sweet , kind and compassionate nurse that if she put the younger daughter out of the hospital I would personally see to it that the local streets  of our town would run red with someones blood!

Not very nice of me I know; but think of a mother cougar whose cub is being threatened and you will understand just how I was thinking.  (sorry Lord)

Well, needless to say that when I arrived I was met by the nurse pushing my daughter out, still dressed in a hospital gown & a hospital bedsheet wrapped around her, in a wheelchair. The nurse seemed to be in a very cheerful mood with a huge smile on her lips and wished us luck as she helped my daughter into the car from whose hood was billowing a huge cloud of smoke from burning oil!

I had to stop and buy a case of oil to get us to the next town (the large one) because it only got just so many miles to a quart of oil!

We got halfway there when it became imperative that I find a place to pull over so I could deliver the baby. It was dark; around nine p.m. There was a phone booth by a closed and shuttered restuarant. The only people around was a trucker stopped for a rest & a roadside taxidermist ( a common occurance in our area around hunting seasons).  I called 911, then put my oldest daughter on the phone while I help my grandson into the world.

He wasnt breathing and was, despite my thumping his feet and even spanking his tiny butt, turning very dark purple. I yelled at my daughter to tell the guy on the phone what was happening and what should I do?  The baby was now slumpping; a dead-weight. The dispatcher intructed me to blow firmly but gently into the babys mouth.

My mind screamed NO, NO DONT!  I had cleared his mouth of all that I could prior but realize that there was still something that wouldnt come out by trying to rake it out with my fingers; it was really mooshy! I knew I did not want to blow this stuff down into his lungs.

My little girl cried and begged me not to let her baby die!  I told her: HE IS NOT GOING TO DIE!  GOD IS WITH US! Then I prayed: oh, Lord, what can I do? If only I had one of the little blue bulb like things they use at the hospital...........then it came into my head sounding just like and audible voice: YOU can suck it out, Geri!

I knew GOD was speaking TO ME! I did just that..I stuck my tounge in the babys mouth and sucked all that gooey stuff out, spit, and sucked out more. He began to cry, we began to laugh.  We wrapped them (mother and child) in blankets I had thot to bring with me. I took their pulse and reported it to the dispatcher. Air life arrived, asked a few questions and loaded them into the helicopter.

I nearly collasped with relief that they were safe!  My knees were weak but I managed to get in my car , after adding more oil, and drive on to the hospital where I was interviewed for the story of a miracle. All the papers all over the state carried that story except our local paper. But it all turned out very well; 12 hours after a baby arrived at the hospital in danger of having to be born under a starry night in cold desert air (his temp didnt register on the thermometer) we were on our way home with a healthy child in the arms of a young first-time mom loving her child when out of her mouth came these words showing her wise beyond her years: MAMA, I LOVE GOD SOOO MUCH!!

Oh, yeah! God even arranged a little perk for me:  on the birth certificate where the words say attending physician:       is written: my name also known as Grandma!       

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I stand corrected! I give all the glory to my creator? OK? or ? You know I am a Believer, right? Just trying a little levity! Hang in there and have a great day!


Thank You, Journeyman! I am sure there is not, but I dont mind; I give all the glory to God!

for hmmm24..My daughter and my son-in-law separated after having two more children. He was a controlling kind of guy & she finally decided she had enough of it. When she didnt give in the being controlled he became abusive. She moved away, started dating, had a married mans baby ( a story for another time), the father of that one didnt want the child or, of course the responsibility! She tried with make it with her husband again since he wouldnt let go (and she had 3 children with him). He fell back into his old ways. So they split again. Another man stepped into the picture. After they lived together for a year she became pregnant again. Now she has five children! Still she is happy now; she says! (sigh)i

Thank you, 321883, for your comment.

Thank you, Issac, for your comment and for being honest about your feelings. I know others who are atheists; we ;share with each other about our beliefs..........sometimes having very lengthy discussions which we enjoy very much.

Wow...amazing story. what happened with your daughter and son-in-law?

I live in the high desert area also. It has changed a lot over the years, but if you have a serious emergency it is rough finding treatment close to home. I am glad that everything turned out so well.

That's an amazing story, you're a real life hero, a hero of circumstance perhapes but still a hero.<br />
<br />
...the atheist in me cringed everytime you said 'god', and the **** in me had to point that out.