True About Country

Country is formed by the nation
Nation is formed by the families
Families are formed by me and you.

Think now how your country should look like?

If you lend the money to the member of your family, do you charge him/ her an interest rates ?

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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

What are you actully trying to say, apart from posting a few dumb oneliners ?

I want you to analyze, I want you to start think how this world should look like.

You're really not inspiring anyone, with your introducytion, I guess....
I've produced many serious articles (within the domain of evolutuonary philosophy) on the failure of democraty, up to 15 years ago, so "start think" makes me laughing. MANY books on the topic have been published in the meanwhile. Anyway, enjoy yourself.
This kind of topic can be met extensively in accademic circles, not here.

I inspired you :)

You asked me a question. I gave you an answer. Answer that made you laugh.
I think it makes you laugh because you dont get it.

True democracy cannot function? why? As you know at the moment in any government we have political parties. Each party has a leader. leader says what to do. thats not a democracy !!! True goverment can not be formed by the political parties. goverment have to be a reflecion of the nation.

what do you think about currency exchange rate? dont you think 1 "money"should equal 1 "money". Dont you think this democracy is not fair ??
I do not read books I use my brain to analyze.

:):):):) I'm not:) you just showed me a dark side of the story, tell me something more about our friendship :)

do you think there is no trust in underworld?

i know it. BUt It is changing :) now.


first you have to prove that you didnt do it my friend :)
if you leave ,all underworld will want to kill you :)

I would give it to you, because I live in real world. As I can See you look for people that you can play with :) Im not a right person to play with, Im here to do something more important then just writing scenarios. You lost in one scenarios because I didnt play with your rules :)

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