Red Eyes Then This Dream

When i was young maybe 10 or 11 im 19 now but i remember one night i randomly woke up in the middle of the night and looked in my closet and in the pitch black i saw a pair of dark red eyes and nothing else. The next night or so i had a nightmare where i was running in a hellish pathway i would say it looked like i was running through the front path way to a demonic castle it was just a stone pathway and below the path was about 100 foot drop to a lava filled floor. In the center of the room i saw this figure carring my mother flying over the lava so i began running going though so many obsticile like pendulum blades spikes and pit falls. I reached the center of what i could see and *** i try to continue one the path this dragon or some creature that resembled a dragon flew and blocked my path it backed me to the center of the circlular platform where the floor vanished under me underneath was a blow with extremely slippery sides i slid the the center to a metal drain cover i would say when i regained my balence and stood straight up the gate fell beneath me and i fell for 3 to 5 mins still dreaming i hit another metal gate and that fell as soon as i hit it i dropped in to a dark room when i came to in my dream i reliezed it was a dungeon cell with no gate i started to walk on through looking in the other cells and i found a girl she was comepletely white like a phantom her hair her dress her skin let off a faint light.

Thats when i woke up i never thought anything of this until now. I am dating a girl who is being followed by a demonic preasence and i feel that she is the girl i found in my nightmare. I hope this dream is simply meaningful not what im going to have to do to save her im just afriad that is whats going to happen.
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I have dealt with these type of cases and i have the knowledge and eperience, me and my team are specialised demonologists and i have a pyschic medium on my team.

Fix** underneath was a bowl with extremely slippery sides**