Possible Demon Hauntings

i have had a few experiences, i have seen shadows move around me, i believe everyone might have those, but i have also seen a black smoke over my bed. it had red eyes and as i turned on my television and the light slowly faded into the vents. I have also had my name called, i would be sitting in my room and I hear my mothers voice calling me I go check and she says she didn't call me. this has happened multiple times. Also once while i was in my room i was reading a book and i look at a cross in my room and i see it move from side to side. I have also felt choked. i have never felt safe in my room. While i was at work a stain appeared on a cloth that looks like a demons head. I do not know what action to take.
terrifiedpersonOO terrifiedpersonOO
18-21, M
Jul 21, 2012