A Preacher Knocks

So a preacher knocks on my door.... No this isn't an opening to a bad joke. Lol

I opened the door and he introduced himself. He was a very old man, with withered skin, thick glasses, and a shakey voice so I thought, "ok, I won't be too hard on him". With Kade in my arms I introduced myself. He said, "I was talking to your landlord and decided to knock on a few doors." Automatically I knew that he knew we weren't christian since he had been talking to our landlord. Our landlord is christian, and he knows that we are witches. He's surprisingly accepting, but still christian.

Anyway, the man began to ask me about my beliefs after I informed him that we were not christian. The usual questions like "Do you believe in god?, Do you believe in hell?", blah blah. He had the same 'monkey with a math problem' look on his face that they all do when he heard my reaponses. He then commenced to tell me that I should do right by my son and welcome Jesus in my home. At this point, I was getting upset. I said to him, "Jesus sais to love one another. We respect other's religions and we deserve the same respect."

Ofcourse this wasn't good enough. He went on to blah blah. And I said, "Yes, I completely understand. I grew up in a Southern Baptist family." He said, "So you know what I'm talking about?".... "Yes, I know perfectly well. And my answer remains the same. We are good people, we are good to our son, we help others when we can, and we are High Priest and Priestess of our own fellowship. We have both been this way for the last 20 years, and you have as much of a shot at changing our minds as we have of changing yours."

He then decides it's a lost battle. He sais, "I would just like to say a prayer for you and your son". The he begins to pray, God open their hearts to your word and the truth, blah blah. As he speaks, Kadanz begins to spit up all over, which I thought was just great. And it gave me a reason to interupt. When he was done, I grabbed my son's hand and held it up. I said, "And we pray to God and Goddess that you open your heart to love instead of judgement for those who might be different than you."

Yup, he said goodbye after that. Lmao. Just wow.

How dare you stand in my doorway and tell me I'm not treating my son right because I'm not christian! That is the very reason I could NEVER be christian, aside from the complete rediculousness of your entire made up ideology. Screw you and your chrch! By your Jesus' standards, I'll be in heaven when I die, and you will burn in your silly little hell for your ignorance, intollerance, and your heart full of hate. Pffh!

FellidayaFiresong FellidayaFiresong
36-40, F
Sep 24, 2012