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Israel decries Holocaust desecration in Poland

1 hour 52 mins ago


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Israel's ambassador to Poland Sunday deplored the desecration of a Holocaust memorial in southern Poland and criticised world leaders who deny Israel's right to exist.Skip related content

"This is a disgrace not only to all Jews but also to the Just Poles who risked their lives to save them," Zvi Rav-Ner told a gathering of some 1,000 Poles and Jews on the site of Nazi Germany's former forced-labour camp in Plaszow on the outskirts of Krakow.

Saturday, vandals used red paint to deface the memorial with anti-Semitic slogans including "Jude Raus" (Jews Out) and "Hitler Good." A granite plaque in memory of the "tortured, murdered and incinerated" was daubed with a large swastika.

The ambassador was attending the 67th anniversary of the liquidation of the Krakow ghetto, when German soldiers marched its 6,000 inhabitants at gunpoint to Plaszow, a distance of some three kilometres (about two miles).

The Plaszow camp was the setting of U.S. film director Steven Spielberg's movie "Schindler's List" about a German industrialist who saved his Jewish workers from annihilation.

At Plaszow many of the sick, elderly and very young were killed while the remaining Jews were transported to Auschwitz some 50 km away.

"Unfortunately, there are also presidents of countries who claim that this (the Holocaust) did not occur, that there was no Auschwitz, that it's time to liquidate the Jewish state," the ambassador added.

He did not mention any country by name but Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly called the Holocaust a myth and questioned Israeli's right to exist.

Krakow's municipal anti-graffiti squad removed the anti-Semitic inscriptions in time for Sunday's ceremony.

(Reporting by Wojciech Zurawski, writing by Rob Strybel; Editing by Matthew Jones)

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5 Responses Mar 14, 2010

#1:Thanks again I didn't even hear of it....<br />
but it's my fault then, I been faLling away from usal depressing enlightenment,( The News)...<br />
#2 man that's cold ... not just the desecration...<br />
Thanks again

Hi FreeFallWall<br />
<br />
Zionism pre-dated Nazi Germany but anti Semitism has a long history in "Christian" cultures. No wonder Jews wanted to escape! I think Christianity is a bullying belief system because it depends on a terrible tale of their saviour being cruelly killed by The Jews. I wish everyone could just get on but I agree is not The Palestinians fault.<br />
<br />

i thought it was funny. no real harm done. sum dont believe it happened. and lets face it, they were only jews and gypsies etc. who cares about them?

HI FreeFallWall<br />
It is frightening that all human beings cannot see what happened at Aushwitz and feel the common outrage to all human beings. The Nazi regime in Germany must be seen as the lowest human beings ever reached and their victims respected. I deplore this vandalism.<br />

It really is bad.<br />
Nothing can justify racialism.