Self Greed

In human personality terms, we are really talking about self-destructive behavior patterns which can cause oneself irreparable harm or damage, either deliberately or inadvertently. As with the opposite trait of greed, self-destruction represents a dysfunction in a person’s relationship with self.

With greed, the person feels that there is something missing from the self that must be constantly obtained from outside. With self-destruction, however, the person feels that there is something fundamentally bad within the self and that this part of the self needs to be kept under strict control. It is a part of the self that may have suffered unbearable damage, perhaps way back in childhood. To remember this part of the self is just too painful.

Moreover, this part of the self (a young person imagines) may well have “ attracted” or “deserved” such treatment - for why else would it have happened? To allow this part of the self to the surface once more could simply cause the same traumatic experiences to happen again.

The element of “destruction” need not be literal or physical, however. For example, self-destruction can take the form of self-sabotage or self-defeating behaviors - continually doing things which are bound to lead to one’s own failure or downfall.

Some people say faith is your only savior. But it's hard finding faith when everything around you tumbles, the pigments into ashes. There is no faith, just a empty hollow.

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Faith may only seem a word for many but nonetheless it does help to mend even things which have been reduced to ash.