Artists and liberal art admirers are the endangered species of our society. All is left are those with money to dictate everything. Even artists who have made it aren't real. They are just tickling others bank accounts. What has become of this world. Seems like everything is going down the drain and all we are left with are websites to vent in. At the least, I am glad I have that.
My boyfriend is a registered sex offender. He is one of the most amazing people I know, intelligent, funny and most of all compassionate towards others. His parents had an unfortunate divorce and his later half sister decided to make up charges. Basically to get back at their neurotic father who couldn't handle a divorce or raising children. No use in getting the truth out of her because she will go to jail. No use in pleading not guilty otherwise he would have been sentenced for up to thirty years and would have had to register for life. This happened a while ago, but it is starting to affect our relationship.
I come from an almost perfect but penniless family. I graduated with an art degree because that is what I love doing. My parents did what they wanted, so I figured I would try to do what I want. Well it's not working, I have no money and I am about to break. I worked five shifts last week only to make $250. I am $30,000 in debt from student loans and I spent all of last year after graduation trying to pay down my credit card. From the beginning of this January, I am back to where I started.
I just can't keep up.
I live in an awful city, the bayou city is what it is known for. Prices are rising and my head hurts from stress on a constant basis. I don't have health insurance. I have applied to many jobs, but no one wants to hire a waiter with an art degree. Yahoo states that a Fine Arts degree is one of the most hated. What am I supposed to do with that? I can't even browse the news without getting spat on. I believe in god but my patience is wearing.
I hear rats crawling around the ceiling every time it gets cold. I want to at least move out of this studio apartment my boyfriend and I share but it is extremely difficult. It took him 57 tries to find this one. No one wants to house a sex offender. He is not a sex offender. It kills him, and it's starting to kill me. What has America come to? It makes me sick, but we have absolutely no where to go. I am tired of being treated so terribly by this country. I was the first born in this country, I am a citizen yet I feel extremely alienated. My sister is not reliable, because of fairly recent actions we don't even speak to her at all. She lives in Russia.
My mom wasn't feeling well and I couldn't take it one day and sent her an e-mail. I put, "You need to help out", that's all I said. She responded with a shameless answer pretty much asking me to fill out an application on why we need help.
Why are people so ugly? At every corner, I would like to find a new corner but it seems impossible. I told my boyfriend today that if he doesn't at least try to find somewhere else to live I have to leave, otherwise, I am going to end up in a loony bin.
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I'm really sorry to hear about what you're going through. Do you have any family connections, anyone from college or friends, who might know of a job where you could be paid more? And I realize that you have a personal life here in the states, but do you have any relatives in Russia to whom you could go and stay and work there? Knowing English could allow you to work there as an English tutor, or maybe even teaching English. I know I've considered the option of going back a few times, but because I have studied the health sciences I don't have a similar problem here in the US with finding a job. I do understand though that you wouldn't want to go because of your boyfriend. I don't understand it about him though - why did his half-sister put up the charges? Why was she believed? And why can't he prove himself not guilty? I'm sorry to ask all these questions, I just don't understand how that can be, and that must interfere with his life terribly. Has he tried getting a lawyer?

Have you tried describing your situation to your sister, without demanding anything? Tell her about how your mom is feeling, tell her about your situation. Just give her the facts, without demands. That can sometimes work - it may ruffle her conscience.

Remember, there is always hope. Even in the darkest times.

I really hope the tide turns for you this year. Keep holding on. :)

I really appreciate you reading all of this, I really hate being a bother to anyone. But I really am grateful for your support and please don't be sorry to ask any questions. I don't think I would have much of an opportunity in Russia right now, and I don't know how you feel about current events involving Putin, but it does seem a little scary over there.

My sister lives in Moscow and she did offer me a position to teach English and nanny for a few months, but I really don't trust her. Based on her wedding and my grandmother's funeral her husband is clearly involved with the mafia. I don't want anything to do with that. I think my sister has no power in that relationship and has detached from us. I do hesitate to tell her anything so I would be even more afraid to tell her everything! I have family in St Petersburg but they are ill and I think they are depending on us more than I can depend on them.

I am planning on getting my masters degree in Occupational Therapy, also health science related, which will definitely help with the money situation. That might take me about three years to complete. I am just freaking out in the meantime because I am making pennies!

In regards to my boyfriend, the charges are crippling. Unfortunately no matter how small of an offense, let's say like urinating in public, you can be considered as a sex offender and have to register alongside violent offenders . It is that ridiculous.

His mother is a lawyer, and she oversaw his case. Of course she would do anything in her power to help her son, but there is just very little anyone can do.
Why the girl did this I have no idea, she claimed that he had raped her. There was absolutely no evidence of this, but because the conviction rate is so high and officials use this hot topic to get re-elected, he had to plead guilty. Otherwise, he would have to spend a long time in prison and register for life.

The girl is very troubled, I last heard that she became a ********. There are deeply seeded issues within his family, how he turned out the way he did I have no idea. He is simply a decent person, I don't see people like that anymore. I think that is why I desperately want to move.

I really thank you for your concern, it does help to get this off of my chest and regain hope again :)