My First Time Was Fantastic

The first time I shaved my leggs was the ultimate in my crossdressing. The sensations were electric in heightened sensitivity as I started tp pull on my panties, hose,slips and dresses.

Plus my legs looked so feminine and natural with my pantyhose on.

Now I hardly dress unless I can shave my legs smooth.
angiecan angiecan
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5 Responses Dec 9, 2012

I agree that legs look amazing in tights after they are shaved smoothly. I shaved mine a few months ago and had to take photos as I felt great.

Waxing is my favorite hair removal. Lasts longer & feels better when the hair grows out. Also it's humiliating going to a salon and asking for waxing...

I was hooked after the first time, haven't had hairy legs much since. If I go more than 2 days without shaving I just don't feel right.

smooth legs and arms are a must to feel as fem as i can

You are so right about the heightened sensitivity,I so feel the same when I pull up my panties,hose,slips dresses