Was A Long Day..

The first time i shaved my legs it felt like an eternity, it was a warm summer day and i was feeling adventurous. i thought it cant be that hard but then i thought about some of my female friends talking about how they nick their legs and probably should have went slower.

So i ran a nice warm bath, grabbed a razor and lathered up my legs. It felt like an eternity but i slowly shaved the hair off, first going against the grain to remove the bulk of the hair. I had moderate length hair on my legs so i had to clean the razor quite a bit, but after what felt like an eternity the task was complete.

I ran my hand up and down just to double check and then i got out. For anyone who has not shaved their legs, i will tell you that you become more aware of things on your legs. When i was toweling off my legs, the towel felt so soft on the bare skin. Before i knew it I was putting on some lotion and continued getting ready for the day. Once i had my shorts on even the slightest breeze was noticeable and i seemed more aware of it.

Since that day i have always loved the feeling of soft, clean shaven legs.
justasissy justasissy
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Agree with all of you completely! There is just something about removing hair from my body that instantly sends me into a "Fem" mind set and transforms me from yucky male to girlie girl.