For my school our uniform was along the lines of a gray (with burgundy pin stripes) plaid uniform skirt, which must be unrolled at the waist, no shorter than approximately two inches above the knee. With a clean white oxford over-blouse in one of two styles: hemmed bottom or elastic bottom, fully buttoned. In warm weather months, we were allowed to wear a long or short-sleeved uniform polo shirt. You were only allowed to wear the new short-sleeved oxford shirts if they are ironed and fully buttoned. God forbid, they dubbed your uniform ‘oversized’ which were completely not allowed to be worn. Then over that we had our burgundy blazer, which again needed to be button most of the way up, your shirt collar was allowed to show through, but that was it, during winter months, at least. We also had to wear solid-colored socks, which must be knee high: burgundy, white or the shade of gray that matches the skirt. As well as solid-colored stockings: burgundy, white, gray (Again, must match the skirt), or natural. Our shoes had a little more variety in choosing. They could be solid black, navy blue, brown, gray or burgundy. We had assigned gym uniforms as well which consisted of a gray t-shirt and burgundy sweats and sweat shirt. Our sneakers were to be clean, a solid white or solid black (no white or other color trim or laces) and cut below the ankle. Gray sneakers were another option for the winter uniform only, which I never really understood the reasoning for that, lord knows why....


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May 8, 2012