School Pleated Skirt

i love to crossdress in my many school uniforms my favourite is long white socks white bra and knickers white blouse tie grey pleated skirt grey cardigan blazer satchel hair in ribbons

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You must be delicious

yes just like me

Lovely skirt and knickers my sister wore green blazer, skirt and bottle green knickers as a kid and loved seeing mum pull em down and spanked her bare bum whilst still in her school uniform that really turned me on [and still does] so you can imagine what yours will do to me but love to be able to see your pics please. xx

oh yes, I bet you are just so cute in that outfit!

I love wearing my grey pleated skirt and white knee-length lacy patterned socks, with navy blue knickers, together with a friend in grey school shorts and socks with white undies. Quite a lot of fun can be had in this delightfully nostalgic attire!

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

i like the grey skirt, with white lacy knee socks tie and black shoe look so smart.

god i lov ure pic,would lov to see more

My school uniform consists of black lace-up shoes (well polished), grey turnover socks with school colours bands, lined grey school shorts with snake belt, white or grey school shirt, striped school tie, grey school pullover with school colours around the neck, school blazer. Underwear is Y fronts and vest/singlet (both plain white). I the summer, grey banded short socks and T bar sandals. For PE white PE shorts, white T shirt or singlet, white plimsoles. For games we have banded tops and black shorts. I love wearing my school uniform, it makes me look really smart and pleased with my appearance!

mmmmmm....old school......lovely

Back off Teddy5 , Schoolskirts a friend of mine, be nice!!!

I agree but I prefer Navy Blue or Bottle Green knickers