I just want to please daddy. I want him to come home from work to the hot meal his little girl cooked for him... Then once daddy is seated, I want to crawl underneath the dinner table and suck my daddy while he enjoys the food I made him. Hear him say what a good daughter I am
daddyslittlegirl01 daddyslittlegirl01
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I would love to be your daddy

That would be a lucky Daddy, indeed.

I want you to make me dinner and set the table and as I eat you will needcto show me what you have learnt this year and if you are worthy to have me as your Daddy you need to show you have learnt proper respect.. Can you showcme that daughter ?

Mmmmm daddy would love that;)

you are a good daughter. *pats your head*

What a perfect little girl you'd be for daddy ;-) add me

Message me ;-)

I would love to put you over my knee and smack your bottom. You naughty girl!

Very hot