I Am Comeing Out of My Turtle Shell

I am come out of my turtle shell.
I am scared to come out and meet new friends.
I am tired of getting hurted.
But I am tired of been so lonely by myself.
So I am return some people are looking for some one in the paper and see what happens.

And come out of my shell.
I have locked my self and went in the shell.
And the shell is my apartment and went in there.

I am scared but it is time to get out and if things dont work out I can come back to the shell.

I love to get out and do things again.

And summer time is comeing and there will be things to do.

And the sunshine I love an it is time to see what I have been missing.
And deal with the noise out side and doing things I never done befor.

I guess I give it a try. So I am going to do it.
I will let you no what happens when i got out.

lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
1 Response Apr 16, 2007

I see you wrote this a while ago, how did you get on? Hope you achieved all you wanted to :)

I am trying . but still have promblems and get sick. but i have
some medicine to take and kind helps and thank you for write to me