I Started a Business Selling My Jewelry

I have always made beaded jewelry as a hobby, but a few months ago the financial situation of my family forced me to go out and try to make some money. So I started my own business and now I make a part time income. I sell through stores and also do booths and markets and events. My ultimate dream is to someday have my own complete fashion line. I draw sketches of clothing as well. Now I just need to be discovered!
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2 Responses Jul 17, 2007

That is awesome. Keep the dream alive. and yes, like BrutMystik said "we need more created things instead of mass produced..."<br />
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I own a jewelry shop and you wouldn't believe the number of times a customers comes in and wants me to fix something they have purchased that was mass produced - And Broke!<br />
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Keep the dream alive.

I wish you success and very lots of luck. We need more self created things instead of the mass produced **** every one else has...<br />
of course, being an individual becomes cool, and then people copy cool, individual ****...<br />
you can't win...but you can play. <br />
Good Luck!!!!!!!!!