Scare to Get Started In Selling Jewlery

I made some beaded jewlery recently and took some photos to use on the internet for my own web site.  Too scare to make a web site as well.  I am afraid of rejection and keep thinking my stuff is probaly not good enough? 
I had this not so funny experience.  A local lady owns a boutique shop and she says bring some of your jewelery. I did and while I was showing her my stuff a bug came out of the tissue paper the jewelery was wrapped in.  She screams and tells me I only sell good stuff and she steps on the bug.  There was a customer behind me and I quickly gathered my stuff and left the store and have not gone any place to show my stuff again. I felt so embaress beyond words when I left her store.
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2007

Yeah, I agree, what a rude lady. <br />
Don't let others peeeeeee on your dreams and success.<br />
Your creations are special because you made it.<br />
They were crafted with your hands, your mind and yes, your talent.<br />
<br />
Keep producing hand made designs and help us get away from the mass produced stuff.<br />
<br />
Hang in there!

What a rude lady...don't take it personally. If she has no kindness then you certainly don't want to deal with her selling your product. Next time just check the product before you show it to someone and keep trying. Getting no's is a good thing because you are least putting yourself out there. Have courage :)