What to Wear.

I design my own clothing, of course, I have been told I should do it for others. I remember in High school, that I did not want to wear what others did, so I started making my own, kind of like Molly Ringwald in Pretty In Pink. I had some wild ideas, but my parents supported me and much to my amazement so did everyone I went to school with. I may have been teased on some outfits, like my poor choice of pink and green, where everyone liked the dress but said I reminded them of a watermelon :) but I never allowed anyone to discourage me. i should have been a designer, but didn't, sometimes I regret it, sometimes I think I want to go back to school for it, who knows?! I still make my clothing sometimes and when I do and am asked where I got it I just reply with I'm not sure it was a gift.

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I don't no were to start but i can tell you one thing I LOVE DESIGNING CLOTHS AS WELL!

That's awesome, I've actually wanted to get into designing clothes for myself for a while. Do you have any suggestions on where to start?