Part 2 - The One That I Desire Most - Is You......

Once my lips touched the top of your breasts, I no longer was actually kissing; instead I began to use my tongue. I licked all around the outer edges, first one breast than the other, and then I slowly began to work my tongue around in circles, concentrating first on your left breast. I bathed the sweet flesh with my tongue, working it around in slowly collapsing circles, until just the tip of my tongue traced the outer edges of your nipples, I didn't touch your nipple with my tongue, instead licked over to the right one, and repeating my movements, until I was again just circling around the hard nipple. This time, I let my tongue swipe across the hard nipple; I heard the soft moan in your throat, as I tongued your sweet nipple. The moan increased in volume, when I sucked the hard nipple between my lips, drawing it in deeply, as I used the tip of my tongue to rub against it. I drew my head back, with my lips tightly enclosing your nipple, until it was pulled free, and popped out of my mouth. I then switched back over to the left, where I again sucked the nipple in deeply. Your eyes were closed as you only concentrated on the pleasure you felt. As I sucked then licked the sweet bud, I dropped my hands down, and I worked at getting your jeans un-snapped and was able to ease down your zipper, where I then slipped my fingers in the opening, and let them lightly slip over your silk panties.

Slipping them back out, I began the task of pushing your jeans down. It was never an easy task, for one to remove someone else's jeans in this fashion, especially when you’re sucking on their flesh, but the struggle to do so, only added to the lust we both felt within. My lips were back on the tasty flesh of your right breast, when you joined with me to push down your jeans, finally we had managed to push them down far enough to where they dropped down around your ankles. You heard the soft moan in my throat, as I released your nipple, and began to lick my way downward from your breast, over your stomach, still slipping down. I finally had to drop down on my knees in front of you. I gazed at your panties, before I leaned in and kissed them. I wasn't surprised to find a growing wet spot. I tasted the damp material, first with just my lips, and then I actually licked the growing wet spot. My fingers moved up and down your legs, touching you as softly as I could, before bring my fingers up, and hooking them in the waist band of your panties. Slowly, very slowly, I began to pull them down, the material slipped past my lips, and then like your jeans, they just dropped down..

I pressed my lips against you, tasting the sweet, intoxicating essence, lightly kissing you here, before I stood back up. I kissed your lips once more, and then when I broke our heated kiss, I had you sit on the very edge of the bed, and then I pushed you over backwards down against the bed. Leaning down, I kissed your lips again, and then trailed my lips down, kissing and sucking on your breasts, before kissing my way down over your stomach, and stopping just short of your *****.

To be continued again………………………………………………………………….
bkrislyn bkrislyn
Dec 14, 2012