What Electrons Can't Replace...

Over all, I prefer to enjoy the company of another together in real. I know that this joy is a contradiction to the idea of this site and others like it as human contact voids the anonymity of the electronic community. I kinda of think the lack of anonymity is just what many people need to learn to be true of them selves though this also seems like a contradiction.
People have learned to hide behind their screens, slowly but surly being less able to cope with real life. It takes great will, strength and love for a deep heart to be true when they are face to face with another.
The reason for this phenomenon is simply this, when your are face to face, the real energy of our spirits are touching. This gives meaning and depth to every word spoken when face to face. When one is online, they feel like they are able to be more open which is true to an extent. Eventually, they tend to find that though it is much easier to be open here, they forget how to be true in the real human presents, this overtime creates a social fear in a sense.

Personally, the feel, the warmth, the energy given in real face to face conversation far outweighs that spoken from behind an electronic barrier. In this last two years, I have been opening the real me to the real world. At first this scared me, it created a few drawbacks but in the end, I have found more purpose in my life than once I ever had by being real and true in person.
My fellow readers, I want to say to you there is significant's in the old saying "The truth shall set you free". The more true on are face to face, the more self confident and happy you become. The truth is a mysterious yet wonderful, it does not always work the way you expect at first but it ultimately will set you free, in life... and in spirit.

Think of the reason as to why I enjoy face to face communication to be like a hug. When someone sends you an e-hug, you will likely smile with a little bit of a warm feeling. Now... When someone you like hugs you in real life, you get a significant level of uplifting happiness, an emotion not captured through an electronic picture.

The energy, the emotion, the expression of real life can never be replaced by any material medium in my book, real life and real people are simply to wonderful for that.
Alas, I also understand that some people's who's company I enjoy can't be shared in person but given the option, I would much rather enjoy their real company.
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yep personal human interaction in person does provide emotional support more so than texting and leaves less screw ups like the text message might not ha ha
but me i don't get out much and right now i have more friends on line then off line
but my life style is different as well , most people couldn't live like i do , but i'm also changing i think God is helping , lord knows i've been complaining enough to even give God himself a head ache , ha ha

Such a true statement. So true

I bet you have a wonderful spirit to feel.

Well, I can say the image of the two teddy bears hugging put a real smile on my face, but then I'm plushie-oriented that way! Good piece.

Thank you Ndragon, I knew you would like that...:)