The Good Ones Are Always Taken, Right?

So I started taking the bus to and from work about 2 months ago. My first day i went to start on my public transportation adventure, I missed my bus because i was standing at the wrong sign. SMH. So I walked to the bus sign directly across the street from me and saw that (of course) thatwas the right sign. This guy who owns a barber shop across from the sign walks out and offers me a ride. He was super nice, asked me a few questions, but wasnt overly eager and didnt hit on me. He made me feel comfortable :) Well back to present time, Ive been going into his shop almost everyday I work to hang with him and the guys for a few minutes before i catch my bus. A few weeks ago I was eyeing a pair of Ray Bans in his display and within a day he called me into his shop and gave them to me for free. He's never hit on me and so last week (a friday) I was making casual conversation asking why all his friends have asked for my number and he hasnt. He laughed, smiled, and said " You know I'm married right?". I NEVER knew he was married, because he never wore his ring!!!! He explained that to me when i asked and he said it was because he doesnt want to get hair caught in his band. So that day i told him i wasnt goin to be coming in his shop anymore, it just felt wrong. Honestly it was really only wrong because i kinda like him. But sure enough that next thursday i went in there to drop off some business cards. Friday i went in that morning before i caught the bus to get my check from work. after i got off the bus i stopped in to say hi. i got my eyebrows done( gratis), and when i was leaving he asked if i was going to come back later on. I said maybe, but after gettingready for my date later that day and having aa few drinks at my house, sure enough i walked my happy/ tipsy tail over there and hung out with the guys again. I had a blast!! I was being complimented on how amazing i looked, we were all drinking (its there friday ritual to pregame at the shop), and our conversations we hilarious. Needless to say i was in the back room making another drink and he grabbed at me and i spun around and kissed him. He kissed back, but waking up the next day i felt bad. I knew he had a wife and I was greedy. Buti really want to be friend still because hes always treated me like gold. If i ever missed the bus and needed a ride all i had to do was walk into his shop and he'd find me a ride. He's never flirted with me before and i feel like i took advantage of his drunkenness..... But when he took me home he did kiss me again in the car. I'm so confused and i feel bad but i dont want to lose my friend. Any ideas?
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Be careful and ask this question..... Would I want someone doing that to me?