What Will It Take?

I know im not the best of looking people, but i have been told that im very cute. i have tryed to ask some people out for dinner even brong flowers to them. nothing seems to work ik what im doing wrong it has been months since i have even had a hug.... im a LEO and i desire human touch even if its only a 30 sec hug once every 2 weeks or something... i have been heart broken for about 4 years now ever since my ex-wife cheated on me, i tryed to date but its not what im looking for i just need a friend who i cn call up and be like "Hay want to come over and catch a movie or somthing?"
my depressin meds have stoped working for a wile now and i have 2 jobs to try and keep my mind off of things but when i get home its the same thing all over again i play second life to keep somewhat sane, it helps a little bit but not much. idk what to do im going to lose it any day now.
woodzykiler woodzykiler
26-30, M
1 Response Sep 9, 2012

Hope u r better now?