Spanking In Schol Shorts

I believe in corporal puishment and always have.  I find that joining an adult school where they have corporal punishment works for me.  I have had my bottom spanked, had the cane with my shorts on and also on the bare bottom and had the tawse on both hands.  I have attended weekend classes and I think the thing I hate most is being given a detention with lines to do, I would rather be caned.
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I too, believe in corporal punishment, though can't say I did when if it was me getting it at school. Loved to watch my classmates across the front desk, though!

I've done the same, only once, bottom spanked, etc. The first time was when I spent a weekend with a like minded online friend, who, like me, was both a bottom and a top. It proved to be a fantastic weekend!

I agree with you. If given choices I'd always go for the cane rather than any form of detention or restriction of privileges .. Oh and yes, it has to be on a 'boys' bottom across school short trousers or bared...

The humiliation to undress in-front of the secretary!

No caning on my hands. I'll take all the strokes they want to deliver on my butt, thank you!

i wouold like to be in school now an have CP <br />
i can see after having CP made to stand in corner of sit on wooden stool in corner after fresh spank bottom

I hate the cane, but I'd rather have that than detention, even if I had to have three strokes on each hand.

i dont think i can handle cane on hands i take cane bare bottom an detention

I refused to be caned on the hands, when I was at senior school. The headmaster was really mad when he heard and I got six of the best on my bum, then another six, trousers down,but on the bare. :-(( It didn't help that he rang my dad who was also the local Primary school Headmaster, to get his permission. He readily agreed and got a painful rolocking that evening. and caned on the Saturday when the Headmaster's marks had started to fade.

L/boy,<br />
I agree 100%!

Yep, it's the cnae or slipper for me every time rather than lines, detention or even corner time! Some masters when I was at school gave you the choice, most took the pain rather than the time! As an adult schoolboy my choice remains the same. A "comfortable" chair that you can hold onto certainly helps!

Roxann, Fortunately I never lost control, but as S/seventeen said, hold tightly to the desk and grit your teeth.<br />
Once, I nearly past out!

Hi Roxannegam, No I never lost control whilst being spanked in my shorts or when I had a bare bottom caning although it hurt quite a lot. You just hold on tightly to the chair and grit your teeth.

Angus, that's fine, but I don't like the soap-story.

I have 30 pairs of grey school shorts. I go to be caned on the bare bottom and receive the tawse on the crossed hands. Somtimes I have to have a bar of soap in my mouth when getting the clothes brush trousers down!

Yes S/seventeen, that was definitely a possibility!<br />
Fortunately the teachers here in sunny South Africa, were not keen on detention - it was also for them a punishment. So it was lines and/or cane. Most of us skipped the lines and took the cane.

Thank you 2doerver, It never crossed my mind that if you refuse to do the detention and lines you'll get the cane any way, but with my luck I will get the cane and the detention and lines. <br />
But I will try it next time, what have I got to lose.

Yes, but if you don't do the lines, you get the cane. That's fine with me.

I agree with you 2doerver, but when I am given lines to do I have no choice in the matter. This is like being back at school and you do as you are told.

The cane for me every time. Lines and detention are for the birds and a total waste of time!