Being Spanked While Wearing Grey School Shorts.

I just love being spanked in my white lined grey school shorts. I have been on occasions to a school for adult school boys and girls. While there, I have been hand spanked on shorts, y-fronts and bare bottom and also punished with several different implements - always on my bottom. While the sting at the time can be rather unpleasant, the "afterglow" is quite to the contrary and the journey home always very pleasant. I have even been known to *** inside my shorts with no effort on my part. I love to think of the white lining of my shorts being soiled by me shooting my spuink into it and this helps a lot while my bottom is being hurt rather badly.
nigelsalmon nigelsalmon
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

Hello, I would agree with all the sentiments you express above. I too would enjoy all theose sensations you mention. I think it's all very much a part of being a naughty boy and I'm certainly one of those .

I know you and I think very much in the same way. It will become clear if you read my reply to your private message!