Empty With Out U

there is an empty ness in my heart, where someone should be. a place that can only be filled by the chance to love someone. it hurts that i cannot love him, that i can not give him my whole heart and the rest of my life. i need to see him off in the morning with a kiss and welcome him home by telling him how i have missed him. to stroke his face and kiss his lips, to hold him in my arms and be all he needs. i long to fill his desire, and that will fill my need to love him... with all my heart. i long to have him by my side and to love him with more than words but in action and in deed. for i need to love and please my love. i need to love him. where ever he may be.

DarkAmber DarkAmber
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Sigh... I know its a need that will always follow me. To love and be loved.

You sound soooo great....<br />
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@DarkAmber, its good to see finally some girl is out there who treasure this type of feelings..<br />
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lots of love...<br />
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muaaaah...<br />
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take care

I have been searching for many years for that woman who would fill a deep void in my soul, a hole in my heart that I thought could only be filled by the love of another - true love, loyalty, affection and connection that makes the heart sing. Because I wasn't finding it, I worked on visualizing myself filling that role. It took years of hard work to truly learn to center myself with true love from within. It was awesome to walk into a room filling full and having so much love in my heart that I could begin to express it to everyone that I saw, because I had plenty for myself and it overflowed to others. The funny thing is that I can now express love without conditions. You don't have to give me love back, because I have all that I need inside of me. Now I don't need to find another to complete me and guess what? They flock to me like moths to a flame. I don't pursue though, because I am content. My life is full of people that I love and that love me, but I now wonder if I will ever find my partner because what I thought I wanted doesn't really exist outside of me - it was there all along.

oh im sorry... i dont mean to depress anyone. its just how i feel. <br />
lol im really sorry.

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= (<br />
Uhh, to be serious.. this actually depressed me further than what I was, the void in my heart just grew bigger from reading this lol<br />
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