Desperately Want To Go To The Usa

i am 24 years old male and a nruse, unfortuntaely not yet a registeres one..

it's been my big and huge dream to love and work in USA but it seems that fate cannot agree on that to me..

trying to apply for a job to that country but they are turning me down, even praying for a miracle to happen and going to novenas.

i really i am want to live and work there for my parents sake to help them in what they need and repay my debts to them.

Seeing my co-countrymen being successful in that country makes me so much jealous and wishing i was with them or i was them.

How i wish and pray that someone will talk to me and say "wanna go with me" sounds very pleasing to the ear..

bluismhel bluismhel
22-25, M
Feb 28, 2010